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To lose weight, you must either do a weight loss exercise or go to the gym, but many people do not have time to do it, so there is no tension. You can lose weight at home. The best way to lose weight at home is yoga. You can reduce your weight through certain weight yoga poses. So, see below some yoga for weight loss at home.

Yoga For Weight Loss At Home:

Many problems are solved in yoga. If you want, you can end small diseases by doing yoga daily. There is also a solution to lose weight in yoga.  There are many people who do not work hard in the gym or even go on a morning walk, then the best way to lose weight is 'yoga'. 


If you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, then the best yoga is to reduce your weight. It reduces your belly fat fast. Due to reduced fat, you control your weight fast. If you do Uttrasana correctly and regularly, then you will feel the difference in your weight in a few days. 

Ardha Uttanasana:

If your body is too heavy and you are looking for some yoga which is easy, then you can do Ardha Uttanasana. Doing this puts pressure on your abdominal muscles and it helps in reducing weight. With this Yogasan, the fat of your stomach and the fat of the hips and thigh are also reduced very fast. 


Vrikshasana is a very beneficial yoga. It cures the diseases present in the body as well as it helps in removing excess fat from your body. By doing this asana, there is no weakness in your body and your bones start getting stronger. Many people who are troubled by their belly should definitely do it easy. 


There are also many women and men whose weight is so much that it is not possible for them to stand up and do yoga. For such people, the best yoga for weight loss is Janusirsasana. Doing this also causes a strain on your stomach muscles and reduces your stomach fat. This yoga is considered to be the best for weight loss for obese people. 


People who have medium weight or are slightly more than normal, if they want to lose weight, then they should do a Kapotasana. Kapotasana means 'pigeon posture'. This asana also helps in reducing stubborn belly fat quickly. Not only this, by doing this asana, but there is also pressure on thighs, heels, joints, chest, throat as well, due to which the fat burns quickly.

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