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There are many methods of yoga, out of which the name of Chakrasana can be taken for the first and best work. Chakrasana is the reverse of Dhanurasana while doing this asana, the shape of the wheel is formed which combines the body with many benefits. Today we will tell you some of the benefits of chakrasana that you can make your life simple and free from disease. So, see below the Chakrasana steps.

While doing this asana, the shape of our body becomes like a chakra, hence it is called chakrasana. Chakrasana is a bit difficult to do. But slowly we can do it.

Chakrasana Steps:

  • First of all, you will have to lie in Savasana.
  • Then bend your knees and place the audio well on the ground. And attach the heels to the buttocks.
  • Turning the elbow, place the palms of the hands at a slight distance behind the shoulders.
  • In this case, your elbow and knees will be upwards.
  • Inhale, lift the abdomen and chest upward on the strength of the inside soles and palms.
  • Do not lift the head up and keep it down, now slowly try to bring hands and feet near the feet.
  • In this position, your waist belly will become like a circle of feet.
  • After staying in this position, after removing the claws of hands and feet, slowly rest the waist and shoulders on the ground.
  • And return to the state of death.
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