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It is very important to have a good height for a good personality. A good Height makes a person look very attractive. Nowadays there is no modeling or Army you cannot make your carer without good height. There are many people who keep taking many measures to increase their height and they only get disappointment. Many people think of does yoga increase height after 21? Yes, yoga helps to increase height. See this yoga below...


Tadasana is the yoga pose that is very beneficial for our health. Beginners are often asked to practice this yoga pose.

Although this is a basic yoga pose and you should not get out of it. Practicing it regularly can improve your health. If you master it, doing other asanas does not seem like a challenge to you.


Halasana is also called Plow Pose in the English language. Like other yoga asanas, Halasan gets its name from a tool used in farming. This plow plowing has been used extensively in India and Tibet. The mention of the plow is found not only in India but also in the legends of Tibet, China, and Egypt.


Bhujangasana is one of the most important rugs of the back in the world of yoga. In the Sanskrit language, 'Bhujang' means 'Snake'. That is, this posture looks like a snake. Hence it is named Bhujangasana. Also, Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra pose because it looks like spreading the fun of Cobra. There are a total of 12 postures in Surya Namaskar Yoga. The currency of the 7th number in these currencies is Bhujangasan.


Paschimottanasana is a sitting posture with the upper body bent forward on straight legs. It is one of the 12 original asanas of Hatha Yoga and is also part of the Ashtanga series.

The word Paschimottanasan is derived from the Sanskrit root words "Paschim" which means "back" or "West direction" "Utana", which means "intense stretch" and Asan which means "way of sitting".


Sarvangasana is called the mother of asanas in the world of yoga because this asana provides health benefits to every part of the body in some way or the other. Seeing a mother does not hide her smile in the same way, by practicing Sarvangasana daily, the whole body is full of joy and joy and the seeker also avoids various types of disorders.

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