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Yoga can change not only your life but also the outline of your thighs. For this, you should have knowledge of yoga asanas, what effect they have on the body. So, see below some yoga for legs and thighs.Read More

Many times it happens that a person reduces all his body fat but is unable to do it with his hands. We should bring something special to such people. People who have high body fat, they do a lot of treatment measures to reduce their body fat, they also get benefit from the remedy, yet they are not able to reduce the fat of their hands. Read More

The Shirshasana is made up of two Sanskrit words, the head meaning head, and the posture. This yogasana means doing yoga on the head. This posture has been considered the most difficult. This is probably the reason why it is placed on top of all the rugs. For this reason, also, it is called headstand. Read More

Exercise is very important for our healthy life and in it, the whole body gets strengthened by the side plank exercise. You need to know why it is important to plan regularly. This is a bit difficult to do, so most people just ignore it. Read More

Utthita Padmasana is a combination of two Sanskrit words Utthit and Padmasana. "Utthit" means raised. This means that the simple way in which Padmasana is performed by rising above it. Read More

To lose weight, you must either do a weight loss exercise or go to the gym, but many people do not have time to do it, so there is no tension. You can lose weight at home. The best way to lose weight at home is yoga. You can reduce your weight through certain weight yoga poses. So, see below some yoga for weight loss at home. Read More

There are many methods of yoga, out of which the name of Chakrasana can be taken for the first and best work. Chakrasana is the reverse of Dhanurasana while doing this asana, the shape of the wheel is formed which combines the body with many benefits. Today we will tell you some of the benefits of chakrasana that you can make your life simple and free from disease. So, see below the Chakrasana steps. Read More

The people go abroad to learn martial arts and become successful. You will be surprised to know that martial arts are also the product of India. It is known as Kalaripayattu in the south of India. Which is the mother of all types of martial arts? Read More

Due to the modern lifestyle, many kinds of diseases are taking people into their grip. Diabetes is one of those diseases. The problem of diabetes becomes more complicated due to non-labor, unbalanced eating, stressed lifestyle. Read More

The Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana helps open the hips and knees. Along with this stretches the spine and digestion is also strengthened by this asana. So, here see below the Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana steps... Read More

We as whole expertise much yoga is advantageous to our wellbeing. Yoga improves our adaptability, quality, and tones our muscles. There are numerous yoga positions or yoga asanas that improve our wellbeing, Padmasana or Lotus Position is one of them. This is a sitting yoga position which is exceptionally amazing and simple to do. Read More

Mayurasana is a very beneficial yoga pose for human health. By the normal act of Mayurasana, bloodstreams appropriately in the stomach related organs of the body. Also, in this way, the act of this asana reinforces the stomach related framework. This asana is valuable in the issue of loss of craving and acid reflux. So, see below the Mayurasana benefits... Read More

Just as life is incomplete without education, similarly the idea of ​​good health without yoga is also useless. In this era of scientific inventions, innumerable resources exist to keep the body fit, but is this tool equally available to all, no !! Because it is a luxury material that few people can enjoy. So, let us know what is the importance of Yoga for students... Read More

It is very important to have a good height for a good personality. A good Height makes a person look very attractive. Nowadays there is no modeling or Army you cannot make your carer without good height. Read More

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