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The people go abroad to learn martial arts and become successful. You will be surprised to know that martial arts are also the product of India. It is known as Kalaripayattu in the south of India. Which is the mother of all types of martial arts? Kalaripayattu is a very ancient art. According to Indian tradition and public opinion, Lord Krishna was the real father of this learning. So, here let's know more about Kalaripayattu history...

It was through this knowledge that he killed mullions like Chanoor and Mushtik. Through this learning, he also killed Kaliya Nag. Kalaripayattu is a martial art form of Kerala which is the oldest, popular and scientific art in the world.

The development of kung-fu is also believed in this art. Originally it is prevalent in central and north parts of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Let's know about the history of this martial art style and its benefits.

Meaning Of Kalaripattu:

In Malayalam and Tamil languages, ​​Kalari means "battlefield" and Payattu means "to be trained or trained" or "to practice". When these words are added together, it means "to be trained for battle".

Methods Of Kalaripayattu:

Kalaripayattu or Kalari is the science of warfare, healing, and marma therapy considered by historians to be one of the oldest extant martial arts in the world, a traditional form of martial art started in Kerala, India. Kalaripayattu includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weapons, and healing methods.

Dandiya A Form Of Martial Arts:

According to the legends, Shri Krishna developed martial arts in the forests of Braj region. Dandiya dance is also a form of this technique. Sri Krishna is considered the first teacher of the Kalaripattu discipline. For this reason, Shri Krishna's 'Narayani Sena' was considered to be the most fierce slaughter army. This is the Narayani service that the Kauravas sought from Sri Krishna for victory in the war in the Mahabharata.

From Sri Krishna To Bodhidharma:

It was Sri Krishna who laid the foundation of Kalaripattu, which later evolved into modern martial arts, passing through Bodhidharma. It was because of Bodhidharman that this knowledge reached Buddhist nations like China, Japan, etc. Sri Krishna is the first teacher of the Kalaripayattu discipline. However, it was later promoted by Agastya Muni.

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